Memorandum Of Understanding at Sent to serve

It is always recommended to take the road with those going in the same direction as you, Sent to serve whose primary mission is to spread the gospel of Christ while bringing hope to people in need, we have the great honor to announce to you via the signing of a memorandum of understanding this Thursday, March 4, 2021, the appointment of Frantz Junior Moïse as the ambassador of the organization.

Frantz Junior Moïse, a man who shares the same values ​​as us and who has repeatedly contributed to the various activities of the organization and thus to make the organization known to people in his circle of the entourage, and this signature can only be the beginning of a great adventure

The day went as follows:

During the officialization of Junior as ambassador, there were different media present such as Koze Kretyen, Kingdom FM, and Jolie Production and as main actors, there was Frantz Junior Moïse: Ambassador of Sent to serve from Today, Josué Lamy: Director at Sent to serve and John Fitts: Deputy Director at Sent to serve.