Family Assistant - Distribution

Family Assistance is a program that the organization puts in place to help families in need of spiritual, social, and educational help. For more than 6 months the organization has been distributing kits to families in need, we do this every month.

We started with 10 families, each month the number of families is increasing, this June 2020 we distributed more than 50 kits to families who are really in need.

1 kit per family; the kit includes rice, beans, oil, spaghetti, salmon, etc... Each of these kits costs $ 50. These families that we have in this program are really in deplorable situations.

Food Distribution KIT

We thank God for the opportunity that He has given us at Sent to Serve so that we can help those in need, the word of God said ‘’we must reach out to the weakest’’ (Hebrew 13 v 16). We honor God's name because he can use us as his hand and feet for His kingdom.

In June 2020 we went to distribute these kits, we had the privilege of talking with some of the family members, who shared their feelings about the impact that Sent To Serve is making in Haiti through several communities such as Delmas, Tabarre, and Pernier. We had some touching testimonies that we will share with you:

Testimony of the Program Director